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Motorcycle Adventures: The Beginners’ Rules and Must-Have Essentials

Finally, the motorcycle adventure you’re planning to have since last year is now starting to materialize. Are you beaming with excitement to call a motorbike hire Sydney has today?


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Before anything else, read the following bits of information to avoid messing up:

Rule 1: Pack light – don’t bring unnecessary stuff.

The first important rule before contacting a motorbike hire Sydney has today is to pack light.

For most riders, this is a very tough rule to not break – who wants to travel and be unprepared, right? But it’s crucial to pack lightly, especially when you’re riding in groups. Literally having extra baggage will slow down your team.

“Need” is different from “want”.

If you’re one of those first-rule-breaking riders, just remember that “need” is different from “want”.

For instance, you know why you only need multiple, thin-layered clothing instead of thick sweaters and hoodies? If you’re going to pass through humid areas, the bulky clothing won’t do you any good. With multiple, thin-layered gears, you will have something to wear against the heat and the cold.

Top tips:

  • Never bring cotton, just wool and synthetic.
  • Bring enough underwear.
  • Bring clothing that will last up to three days.

Rule 2: Sort out the necessary paperwork.

If you have important but expiring documents that need renewal, sort them out months before your adventure.

Ensure that all of your important paperwork is secure in your bag. If you can’t afford to bring them all, make some copies. In case your luggage gets lost anywhere, you can breathe from the fact that it has identification.

Meanwhile, to be more secure, you can scan your printed documents and store them in Google drive. Having copies in your cloud will make sure you have something to show to authorities, wherever you are in the world. Click here 2Wheel Adventures for more information.

Also, don’t forget to provide your bank with a notice so that they won’t block your ATM when you get cash outside your country.

Rule 3: Assess your backpack!

Your backpack must be durable. You don’t need a cool-looking backpack that will only burst open later.

So, be very choosy in selecting your backpack. Don’t skimp on buying your bag because you’ll regret it later.

Also, be meticulous in the size – think twice when choosing a huge backpack – is it really necessary for the areas you’re planning to explore?

Be reasonable – invest in your backpack.

And, after buying one, be sure to use it during short trips around town – just to assess its durability.

Must-have essentials for beginners:

  • Raincoat or rain gear
  • Accessories
  • Headlamps
  • Hydration essentials – water bottle, purification tablets, filters, etc.
  • Padding or protection
  • Durable, waterproof luggage bags
  • Clamping or winching straps
  • Camping and cooking utensils – tents, sleeping bags, burner stoves, titanium pots or pans, etc.

Where to find motorbike hire Sydney wide?

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