How To Reuse Wastewater In Your House

Our homes use up a huge amount of water every day, and we also waste plenty of it each day. Water is such a precious resource, and if we’re not careful, we could experience a shortage on clean water in the coming years. To help mitigate this problem, domestic stormwater drainage systems as well as wastewater treatment systems are being installed in Australian homes. These drainage systems are eco-friendly and cost-effective, making wastewater reusing easier for your family.

Water has immeasurable uses and you can apply it in your home, too. Here are a few tips on how to reuse wastewater in your house:

Save up rainwater

Probably one of the most common method of recycling wastewater is to save up the rainwater from the downpipes. This is especially useful during rainy and stormy season since it also lessens the work that your domestic stormwater drainage systems have to do. Use a barrel and place it below the downpipes to gather the rainwater. Make sure to close it tight with a lid every time it’s unused to prevent mosquitos from laying eggs in there.

Collect shower water

All that water you use up in the shower can still be put to good use instead of going straight to the water drain system. You can plug up the drain in the tub and let the water fill up, then collect it later using a bucket. Or you can place a bucket in front of you while you shower to collect the water. You can then use that to flush the toilet or wash your car.

Reuse pasta water

If you love pasta and cook it often, don’t throw away the water that you used to boil the pasta just yet. It’s perfect for watering your plants in the garden. Simply wait for it to cool down before watering your plants. See more here domestic stormwater drainage systems

Collect water from the laundry

The amount of water that is thrown into the drain from our laundry is enormous. Reusing laundry water for other purposes will help you cut back significantly on your water consumption. All you have to do is detach the washing machine’s drain hose from the septic tank or drainage system. You can then use a large bucket to collect the laundry water that’s coming out of the hose. Or you can plug up your round laundry sink while you’re washing garments there and collect the water afterwards. This water can be used to wash your car or clean your house.

Recycle aquarium water

If you have an aquarium in your home, then you know that it uses up a lot of water to clean and refill. Don’t let those precious water go straight to the wastewater treatment systems. Use the dirty aquarium water to water the plants in your garden. Then use rainwater, shower water, or laundry water to clean up the tank. This way, you’ll only be using clean new water for refilling the water in the aquarium.

Water is a very important resource that we must save and reuse as much as possible. Applying eco-friendly water treatment systems will help us make the most out of it. Everhard Industries offers laundry, kitchen, and toilet solutions as well as domestic stormwater drainage systems throughout Australia. Visit their website at https://www.everhard.com.au/category/drainage/surface-water-drainage-domestic/ for more options.