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How to Register Trademark Name in Australia?

Nowadays, for you to register trademark Australia has, there are two basic methods you can take. First is through assisted filing service, while the second is online services. However, you must know that there are usually risks attached to these methods.

Register Trademark Australia

  • The process would be impersonal. This means that you will not be able to personally transact with service providers. Which may sometimes result to becoming a victim of fraud.
  • The costs are usually higher and the process are not that secure.

With these risks in mind, it seems that protecting your business’s insignia, logo, catch phrase, or design is futile. However, you still have another option for you to register trademark in Australia. Numerous law firms offer filing services through a registered trade mark attorney. This will ensure that you will be safe and protected throughout the processing period.

Reminders When Registering for Trade Mark

When you register trademark Australia has, you are required to prepare the following:

  • The type of trademark you are applying for. Will it be a phrase, word, letter, logo, number, picture, design, or a combination of any mentioned. It can also be an official jingle used for advertising signage, or packaging.
  • A clear understanding of the kind of goods and services that your trademark is being registered for. Remember that once you have submitted the application, you no longer can extend goods and services.
  • A verification that the trade mark you are registering for is unique.

Information Included in All Forms of Application

When you are applying for an Australian register trademark, you have to include all of the following information.

  • Ownership details including your name and contact information
  • A clear and detailed representation of the trade mark you are registering for
  • A narrative about the goods and services this trade mark will apply
  • A list of all the relevant groups of goods and services your business is offering
  • A translation or transliteration of whatever is in an different language
  • The fee to be paid upfront

More Reminders on How to Trademark a Business Name or Logo

The register trademark Australia has been offering provides security not just for your brand but for your entire business. This even provides more protection than registering your company or business name. Not that this is discouraged though.

However, trademark holders have more weight when it comes to legal matters. Proving that having a registered trademark will make litigation easier and far less expensive than possessing business or company registration only.

To help you further, here are some advice on how you should trademark.

  1. Before applying for a trademark, make sure that you have considered it fully. Will it be worth it? Do you have to fight legally for an existing one? Should you change anything about the name and logo? When you have thought these through, you will become more confident about your decision.
  2. Take note of specifications when registering a logo or word. Ensure that these are as clear as possible with a resolution of about 600 pixels in width and length. However, if it is text in a certain typeface. Place it inside a box to make it look like a genuine logo.
  3. You must also know that there are basically 45 classes of goods and services. Therefore, you have to know which of these will be applicable to your products.

These procedures are mainly applicable to the Australian market. However, if you want to test and extend your business to international markets, consider using the Madrid System. To find register trademark Australia specialists, such as Trademarkings, for your registration needs, registered Trade Mark Lawyers are ready to assist you in registering your business name or logo. Go ahead and check them out! Visit