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Things You Need to Know When Exporting Products from Australia to China

Australia is among the top nations selling products to China. Australian consumable goods are greatly coveted by Chinese consumers because of its exceptional international reputation. Hence why numerous businessmen are on the hunt for the best answers to the question “how to sell Australian products to China?”

how to sell australian products to china

You Might Need a License

Imports to China do not usually need licensing if the products are registered under China’s Ministry of Commerce. However, some imports will require special licenses if they fall upon the restricted goods category. This includes products such as used electronic or mechanical products, arms, ammunition, local currency, illicit drugs, and poisons.

The rules and regulation on China’s import and export change over time. Check official sources to keep up with the latest facts.

Duties, Tariffs and Taxes on Exporting to China

Below are the approximate fees you need to pay when selling Australian products to China:

1. VAT for products sold in China – there is an estimated 13%-17% VAT to be paid on imported products at the point of sale.

2. Consumption tax – certain luxury items such as jewelry and high-end watches, petroleum products like diesel oil, high-energy consuming products like motorcycles and passenger cars are also subject to consumption tax.

3. Customs duties – import and export duties of China are categorized into various parts. The list is way too long and overwhelming. You may check this website for more detailed information.

Australian Products in Demand in China

It’s common for most consumers in China to be fearful of buying fake food or medicine in local markets. One good reason to sell Australian products to China is the fact that imported consumables are in great demand to the Chinese market. Here are some of the most longed for products:

  • Skincare Products
  • Food supplements and weight loss products
  • Baby goods such as milk formula and baby food
  • Products made of wool

Tips in Selling Goods to Chinese Market

1. Establish Reputation

Australian firms are known for being consumer-friendly in China. Instead of focusing on establishing your brand and gaining profit right off the bat, work on building trust first. Moreover, it’s necessary to remember that Chinese businessmen will not do business with someone not having a reliable reputation.

2. Avoid putting any Chinese label on your goods

How to sell Australian products to China? The answer is simple; don’t put any Chinese labels on it. The reason why Chinese consumers prefer imported goods especially consumable products is due to their fear of buying bogus products which can be poisonous.

3. Seek help with trading

Selling your products to China is a backbreaker especially for small businesses. Good news is you can now seek professional help from third-party organizations to help you get the job done. These people may help you find ways to sell Australian products to China.

You may also reach out to Ausmate Group to help you expand your business in China. Ausmate helps Australian businesses collaborate with over 50 partner companies from China.


There you have it – those are some of the essential tips on how to sell Australian products to China. Exporting goods abroad is one of the biggest keys to business success. If done right, trading can bring long-term lap of luxury.