Buy the Best Australian Cat Traps Online

There’s a reason that buying cat traps Online is popular in Australia. Feral animals, including feral cats, wreak havoc on domestic livestock, bringing all kinds of diseases. In fact, they cost the Australian economy close to $1 billion loss every year.

Apart from carrying diseases, feral animals damage farms and natural parks, causing problems among native wildlife in the process. Millions of indigenous animals are killed by these animals.

Feral cats, in particular, pose a threat to smaller earthbound mammals including birds. So, it makes sense to buy Australian cat traps online.

Different Feral Cat Traps

Victor Soft Catch #1.5

This is one of the most popular traps of its kind, featuring 2 coil springs, inline spring on the chain, and padded jaws. It is approved for use for cats, rabbits, and foxes in Queensland, New Zealand, South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory. In Victoria, this is only approved for use for foxes.

Bridger #1.65 Rubber Jaw

One of the strongest cat traps online in Australia, it is used for small cats, rabbits, and foxes. It has a thicker base plate that makes it more durable. Even without an inline spring, it comes with a chain that is of better quality than that of other models of cat traps online.

WTS #3 Dogless Rubber Jaw

Designed strong and extremely fast, this feral cat trap has a strong dogless pan and t-bar shock spring. The pan sits flat and can be adjusted to the desired tension.

To achieve an x-strong shock spring to the chain, extra welds were added. The smaller springs also come with a retainer to keep them from being pulled off.

Duke Soft Catch #1.5

A much cheaper version of the first feral cat trap on the list, the Duke Soft Catch #1.5 has padded jaws and two coil springs. It is almost similar in design to the more expensive model but with a more affordable price.

MB550 Rubber Jaw

Made with four coil springs, it is highly recommended for trapping a fox or a small dog. In the US, it is even used as a coyote trap. It features an excellent and maintenance-free dog and pet system, a solid base plate, high-quality springs, and rubber pads. Strong and reliable, you are sure to have a better chance of catching a feral cat with this equipment.

Duke Soft Catch #3

One of the basic cat traps online, it features a double coil spring, rubber-padded jaws, and small light chain with light duty in-line spring. Because it is not a strong as other models it is only suitable for a small number of feral cats, wild dogs, and foxes.

Where to Find Australian Cat Traps Online

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