Print courier shipping label online and save time and money

You might have experienced the great ordeal of sending a gift parcel to your loved ones. The ordeals associated with sending a parcel are packing, labeling and going all the way to the post office and waiting in the queue and so on. The whole procedure is cumbersome and time consuming. Instead, consider packing and labeling, and just go online to print the courier shipping label. Thereafter, the representative of the agency will come and collect the courier parcel.

Boon to business class:

This improved procedure of sending parcel has come as a boon to business community. It is needless to mention that businessmen can now send several parcels every day, do not have to spend so much of time on each of the parcels anymore. Therefore, they would be very much benefited if they make use of this courier parcel utility.

Hassle free procedure:

Things have now become very easy; instead of wasting your time in going all the way to the post office, you can do everything sitting at your home or office. Of course, the whole system is a hassle free. The parcel is delivered promptly and within the specified time.

Now, take a look at some of the salient features of this wonderful arrangement.

· Basically, this procedure of online printing of courier label and handing it over to the authorized individual is an intermediary service connecting you with the courier company. This is basically a courier collection and delivery service and not a courier service as such.

· In order to avail this service you will have to register with the intermediary service provider. After registering you are allowed to book your parcel online.

· The procedure of booking is quite simple. After packing the material, you will have to weigh it. Now, go to the appropriate menu and fill up the details of the parcel, the addressee and so on. Thereafter, weigh the parcel and then print the courier label.

· Now, you can call the courier parcel service provider and hand over the parcel to him. The representative of the intermediary service provider will hand over all the non-urgent parcels and letters to the local post office. Of course, every letter sent to the post office is documented, and you are also given access to track the parcel. Remaining parcels and documents will be handed over to the courier service agency to be delivered to the addressee.

· Interestingly, when you print the courier label, you are literally logging into the account of the intermediary service provider. This intermediary service provider will charge you at ‘group buying rate’. This buying rate is the exclusive rate arranged between the intermediary service provider and the courier service agency. This ‘group buying rate’ enables you to save a considerable amount of money.

Insurance cover:

Of course, while packing the materials you will have to follow certain guidelines as provided by the intermediary service provider. It is the duty of the intermediary service provider to take necessary insurance cover for the parcels that are handed over to him by the customers. This unique service can be used for sending letters and parcels to any part of the globe. The success of this arrangement essentially depends on efficient handling of parcels by the intermediary service provider.

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